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How to Earn Money from your BLOG

Yeah like you know, maybe not all of you. When we are create some blog some people think if they can made money by their blog. Why? how can? from where? that question is always came up.

in order to monetize your blog for earn money :

1. join advertising program, like google adsense, chitika or etc.
2. make sure before you coin monetize program like adsense or chitika you are qualified for their requirement.
3. one of more important is your content in your blog is 99,99% harvest from your brain so your content is unique and original.
4. never copy-paste other people article, why? because maybe you post is not eligible in DMCA program.
5. always submit new content in your blog, at least 1 post / day
6. make sure your blog view is eye-catching and interesting
7. when your blog is have a good looking, don't make your blog run slower in loading time

okay, this is advise from me, if you are need to discus about it or want to ask something please leave a comment.


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