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Retiring moment - Life is too precious to cry

I am sure that you all must have felt that his name restless, not just that might or must have felt the things that make your life the spirit of collapse even you feel your life is of no use anymore, but believe me if you can get through it with a truly successful , then you will surely start --- or might continue to live life with more passion --- again.

Wise people I have ever met has said that more or less like this,

Human life is hard, definitely hard but of the difficulties there would be a way out and all the difficulties there must be a way out.

we would not think negatively when we severed ties with lover after all this time we touch?

but have you ever thought that every minute, every second even every nano second that happens in your life you will be too valuable to pass with difficulty crying over you live.

let's all of you, including me, too, to move forward it is important when we are in difficult times, but what is most important is self-motivation that need to be built from scratch you need to wake up before you start to take a new step in your life.
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