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Windows 10 will be the LAST windows series

CLICK TECHNO - Couple hour ago Microsoft Inc. annouce if their next Windows series Windows 10 will be the last series of Windows Operating System. They claimed will never release the newest anymore, they just will give some update to their user of windows 10.

The version of windows 10 will be like a platform than an OS. So this series can be used in many devices like tablet, personal computer, and even smartphone. Jerry Nixon as Development Division of Microsoft said "Now we'll launch windows 10. This is will be the last version of windows, because of that we will increase the feature without upgrade it to the next series."

"That means windows will be a service than an operating system" Jerry Nixon added.

Also we will never found windows 11 or even 12. We do not need to upgrade it anymore to the new version, we just update the feature inside it.

Microsoft had been announced Windows 10 will be release on the end of July this year. For their former user which is still use windows 7 and windows 8 and 8.1 can upagrade to windows 10 with free using their windows update. This service of free upgrade will be end one year since windows 10 release. So if you want to upgrade it with free you must update it using windows update feature.[INZ]
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