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Benefits Wi Max

Many benefits are gained from the creation of this industry standardization. The telecom operators can save investment device, because the ability of WiMAX to serve customers with a wider area and a higher level of compatibility. In addition, the market is also more widespread because of the WiMAX can fill the broadband gap for this technology is not affordable by Cable and DSL (Digital Subscriber Line).

WiMAX technology one is easier for them to get a quality Internet connection and do activities. While the wireless medium has been known as the most economical media in getting an Internet connection. Its coverage area 50 km maximum, and its ability to deliver data with a high transfer rate over long distances, thus contributing to the existence of very large wireless MAN and can close all the gaps existing broadband today. In terms of conditions at the communication process, WiMAX technology can serve the subscriber, whether they are in the position of Line Of Sight (positioning devices that want to communicate is still in a straight line of vision and free from any obstructions in front of it) with the BTS and the does not allow for it (Non-Line Of Sight). So no matter where its users are, as long as in the coverage area of a BTS (Base Transceiver Stations), they may still be able to enjoy a connection that is delivered by the BTS. (to be continou.....)
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