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Kloxo, more style in CPanel server for you

If you've been familiar with Cpanel, hosting control panel is arguably the most popular, but behind it you have to pay $ 425.00/year license, you can imagine how difficult if must pay each year to pay for it.

For you may as a hosting service provider or just for hosting on your own agency or university where a lot of websites in it that must be managed, and do not want to pay the license fee out for a hosting control panel, Kloxo was the solution. Actually there are many hosting control panel that is open source but Kloxo, such as ISPConfig, ispcp omega, gnu panels, etc.. However, only Kloxo is the most feature rich and this is arguably the clones from cpanel, because features that are very close using cpanel. One thing more interesting than Kloxo is, almost all of CMS on offer and just choose to install.

When in a new Kloxo was able to walk on CentOS 5 32 bit version and have not been able to walk perfectly in version 6, but it would not hurt you to try it, while waiting for the further development of these Kloxo development.

To installasi also very easy, follow these instructions:

- Disable SELinux

# $ Setenforce 0

- After the reboot the server

- Update centos repository

# Yum update

- Download the executable installer Kloxo and wait until the process is complete.

# Wget

# Sh. / = master-version =

Check the latest version at

- Once done you can access via the url http://ip-server:7778
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