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XBoX 720 Specification

Ah, little secret about game console by one of most biggest IT corp Microsoft that is XBOX till now it has been series 720. XBOX series 720 is planning for out to market at middle to end of the years (2013). I'll give you some information about this cool console, otherwise I didn't have it but maybe I can give your little about it. Here there are
this device is equiped with:
-> It have 3 times faster than his big brother Xbox 360
-> It will come in two version, it's Arcade with 320GB or 500GB of storage and Pro whit 1 TB of storage
-> Blue-Ray Movie Play-Back
-> AMD Quad-core x64 1.6GHz of CPU
-> Direct 3D 11.x 800MHz of GPU
-> and 8GB DDR3 of RAM

and it maybe $300-$500

but, information from Microsoft didn't finale, so it can change.

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