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CISCO SYSTEM Sertified: CCNA Program

CISCO CCNA certification

Cisco system is one of the companies engaged in the field of information technology, especially the technology of data communications networks used by various companies engaged in the field of information technology especially computers. Cisco Systems issued a certificate for the user as well as those who want to work in this field by issuing Cisco Sertified. This Seritifikat is international because the issuing of Cisco Systems is directly through their partners as evidence of expertise that the owner of the certificate is qualified enough to handle the computer network according to the type certification taken.
There are several types of certificates issued by Cisco for people who are interested in the field of computer networking in terms of expertise. Certificates are grouped into three types, namely: Associate, Professional and Expert. For the Associate level which is the beginning level for those who want to work as a Network Engineer Cisco Systems based on the output device. In this level can be obtained, namely CCNA certificate (Cisco Certified Network Associate), and then after that can take a specialization such as CCNA Voice, CCNA Security, and CCNA Wireless.
To be able to get a CCNA certificate, it must pass a test given by Cisco. Examination or test has two languages ​​available to choose from namely English and Japanese. Test / exam that must be passed is pass the 640-822 exam on interconecting Cisco Networking Part 1 and also ICDN about 640-816 Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 2. Moreover, it can also pass the CCNA 640-802 exam to be able to possess the CISCO CCNA certificate.
sertifikasi cisco ccna

CCNA certification is the age of three years, and to extend it to the 640-801 CCNA exam or the ICND 640-811. CCNA certification exam 640-801 exam with a time of 90 minutes to complete 55-65 exam. Exam is available in English and Japanese. CCNA exam 640-801, the test can be performed on-site certification in Indonesia which gained recognition from Pearson VUE or Prometric. Exam forms can be:

- Multiple-choice single answer
- Multiple-choice multiple answer
- Drag-and-drop
- Fill-in-the-blank
- Testlet
- Simlet
- Simulations

The cost for this certification exam can mengukuti participants must pay about USSD 250.00 for 640-802 exam Cisco Certified Network Associate and USSD 125.00 for 640-882 and 640-816. The material tested is divided into five themes, complete with sub-themes as follows:
1. Planning & Designing
    Design a simple LAN using Cisco Technology
    Design an IP addressing scheme to meet design requirements
    Select an appropriate routing protocol based on user requirements
    Design a simple internetwork using Cisco technology
    Develop an access list to meet user specifications
    Choose WAN services to meet customer requirements
2. Implementation & Operation
    Configure routing protocols given user requirements
    Configure IP addresses, subnet masks, and gateway addresses on routers and hosts
    Configure a router for additional administrative functionality
    Configure a switch with VLANs and inter-switch communication
3. Implement a LAN
    Customize a switch configuration to meet specified network requirements
    Manage system image and device configuration files
    Perform an initial configuration on a router
    Perform an initial configuration on a switch
    Implement access lists
    Implement simple WAN protocols
4. Troubleshooting
    Utilize the OSI Model as a guide for systematic network troubleshooting
    Perform LAN and VLAN troubleshooting
    Troubleshoot routing protocols
    Troubleshoot IP addressing and host configuration
    Troubleshoot a device as part of a working network
    Troubleshoot an access list
    Perform simple WAN troubleshooting
5. Technology
    Describe network communications using layered models
    Describe the Spanning Tree process
    Compare and contrast key characteristics of LAN environments
    Evaluate the characteristics of routing protocols
    Evaluate TCP / IP communication process and its associated protocols
    Describe the components of network devices
    Evaluate rules for packet control
    Evaluate key characteristics of WANs

There are three types of training that can be selected and follow to prepare for the CCNA certification exam.
- Following the CCNA 640-802 exam preparation training from the training institutions which hold
- Following ICND 640-822 exam preparation training and ICND 640-816
- Following the CCNA training (semesters 1-4) in accordance with the curriculum of the Cisco Networking Academy Program (CNAP).

this is the sample of certificate will you have if pass the exam.
sertifikasi cicso ccna

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