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Nokia using Android?

TeaTechno,(Click-Techno):Nokia, the Finnish mobile phone company's considerable success with Lumia product that uses the Windows Phone operating system reportedly began wanting to use the Android operating system made ​​google.

The rumors came after Nokia job opening for the position of Principal Software Engineer, Embedded Linux Middleware Linkedin site. Android is a Linux base that makes the job a strong suspicion the start Nokia to enter the world of Android.

However, when the news was made, Nokia seems to have a job to remove it. Not yet known whether the company is getting the right people or do not want to publish Android development plans.

In the Linkedin website, through a link shared by Techradar, says that the job you are looking for is no longer active

let's see what innovations will be developed by NOKIA, because at this time most of the smart phones using the Android operating system since it emerged in early 2010.

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