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Microsoft SkyDrive

TeaTechno, (Click-Techno) Hi there, I have a bad mood on a long this week, yeah but because of that I can write again for my lovely blog. Okay this time I will write about Microsoft SkyDrive which it one of Cloud Storage.

Open Source as a fighter, maybe if the word listen Windy (read: Windows) on their mind they would have imagined that all products / software from Microsoft is paying for some people even think of buying expensive to license one of its products, such as operating system (Windows), Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visual Studio, and others. Although the code is not open source, but we can still enjoy one free service from Microsoft Cloud Computing Microsoft Skydrive.

  Microsoft Skydrive or can be called Windows Live SkyDrive is a Cloud Computing service that enables users to enjoy online file storage with a maximum capacity of 25GB and a 100MB file. Users can also share files with other users or the public. Uniquely, we can use the Office Web Apps (Word Document, Excel Workbook, PowerPoint Presentation and OneNote Notebook) the appearance and capabilities similar to Microsoft Office available today for free, imagine if you want to use Microsoft Office from the desktop, of course you have to pay dearly to buy its license. Microsoft Skydrive is a service like Google Docs, but for users who already customary to work with Microsoft Office, it will feel more than using Google Docs.

To enjoy the service, you simply mempuyai email accounts from Microsoft (, and of course internet connection.

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