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ISPCP | EasySCP The Simple Way of ISPCP

Click-Techno,Has become a familiar to the Sys-Admin Linux Web Hosting Manager by the name ISPCP (isp-control), in which the Panel ISPCP Free Hosting Manager is an OpenSource is developed from the Hosting Control Panel VHCS. ISPCP very easy in terms of administration, also from the installation.

Good news was released by a portal EasySCP team has developed a EasySCP ISPCP. In terms of features is not much change, but in terms of appearance becomes more simple and the installation becomes much easier.

Since the release of version 1.1.1 added some new features as follows:
Theme XHTML 1.1
More smart templates
IP Overview
improved selection of "Domain disbale Date"
Improved handling Domain Aliasing
The new Webmail with Roundcube
PhpMyAdmin version 3.4.9

The following requirement to be able to install on your server EasySCP:
Pentium III or K6-4 with 500 MHz
512 MB ​​RAM
100 MB disk space (only for install of EasySCP)
Debian (or even any other * NIX-Distribution)

For users ISPCP and want to switch to EasySCP not need to uninstall, Tim easySCP gives you easy to migrate directly to EasySCP, please follow the guidelines at the following Url:
The following screenshot of EasySCP Login:

Many options hosting control panel, you live that determines  tailored to the needs.
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