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Sony Ericsson Aspen Lifestyle Offer "Green"

In support with against to global warming, Sony Ericsson launches the newest touchscreen QWERTY once named Sony Ericsson Aspen, Wednesday (09/01/2010). This phone is included in the category of green product or phone heart made with environmentally friendly concepts.
Sony Ericsson's Aspen-gadang digadang environmentally friendly because it uses environmentally friendly materials and energy efficient. One way is by reducing the amount of paper used in packaging.
"Cardboard is used is smaller and there is no manual," explained Samudro Seto, Business Manager Sonny Ericsson Indonesia. This phone's manual can be accessed directly in his own cell phone.
In addition, the charger will cut off the electricity used when the phone battery is full. "It reduces power usage when to charge the batteries, the batteries also use the low power consumption," said Seto.
Paint which is also used water-based and hence reducing oil consumption. In Sony Ericsson Aspen ecoMate applications which are useful to inform the ways to save fuel and reduce CO2.
"How far we walk and how much energy we use can be informed by ecoMate applications," said Seto.
Sony Ericsson Aspen Advantages include use of Microsoft's Mobile Windows operating system 6.5.3. In the latest series of Windows have the latest application called My Phone that allows you to synchronize with your computer to view the entire contents of the phone via computer.
"Simply enter the serial number into the computer, and then could see everything, including incoming SMS phone even in the dead," said Seto.
In addition there is also Windows Marketplace application that allows users to download a variety of applications. "Can you download games, entertainment, some free, some paid as well," said Seto.
Sony Ericsson Aspen provides a new experience to SMS. "The SMS display such conversations," said Seto. SMS Display display looks like the Blackberry Messenger. In addition there are also auto panel switching application. Useful to automatically set the panel what he wanted to appear at certain hours.
"If the hours of 7 to open a CNN panel, open 12 hours a Facebook, can all be set automatically," said Seto again.
This phone comes in a choice of two colors, iconic black and white silver. This phone is released with a price of USD 2.499 million. "But there promo work with Windows, the price of USD 2.399 million bonus bluetooth handsfree VH310," said Seto. Promo is only applicable month.
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