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Lenovo - New Release

VIVAnews - As the momentum for independence ahead of the Eid festivals and this month, Lenovo launched its flagship line of multimedia laptops, two laptops and two IdeaPad Y series IdeaPad series laptop Z.Lenovo IdeaPad Y460 and Y560 is a 14-inch laptop and 15.6-inches with a variety of superior multimedia features.
Berasio 16:9 wide screen capable of transmitting high-definition picture.
These laptops powered by Intel Core i5 and i7 Intel's Turbo Boost technology that will accelerate the processing speed of computing. In addition, both are also equipped with new technology RapidDrive Enhanced Experience, for the platforms Windows 7.
Technology that combines Solid State Disk storage solutions (to store computer applications), and Hard Disk Drive (to store the necessary data).
With this technology, Lenovo claims that the process of booting up the operating system Windows 7, will be 66 percent faster, and be able to access your favorite applications twice as fast leih and capable of copying the files on your computer in less than half.
Users can extend the battery life to rotate graphics mode. To work on light duties such as typing, simply use the integrated Intel Graphics Media.
Meanwhile, when running heavy applications such as watching movies, users can take advantage of Y460 IdaPad graphics processing units 512MB ATI Radeon HD5470 or ATI Radeon HD5730 1GB for the IdeaPad Y560.
Laptop with an area of 8 GB of DDR3 memory with a storage capacity of 640 GB HDD. He provides Blu-ray disc player or DVD drive, and 802.11n WiFi-connected.
Another thing that is interesting, this laptop also has touch-sensitive applications Slide Nav capable of launching applications through a shortcut, by swiping a finger to the desired application icon, or lock and opened the screen like opening and closing a zipper.
In addition, also provided the audio-visual control OneKey Theatre II, which will improve the quality of the picture becomes much brighter and clearer audio, and Ambient Light Sensor which automatically adjusts the light power user's PC screen based on the distance from the screen.
Meanwhile, for a more affordable multimedia laptop, Lenovo offers the IdeaPad Z360 and Z460. Available in sizes 13.3-inch models, 14-inch and 15.6-inch laptops are taking HD 16:9 widescreen screen format. Both also provide quality audio for Dolby Advanced Audio audio experience.
The rest, Z360 and Z460 also features more or less the same as the IdeaPad Y460 and Y560.Only, they do not provide RapidDrive technology, and replacing the ATI Radeon graphics processing units with NVIDIA GeForce 315M 1GB.
"Laptop, this laptop can be found on the market since August," Cung said Lucien, Product & Business Development Manager, Home Small Medium Business, Lenovo Indonesia, Monday, August 23, 2010.
Lenovo IdeaPad Y460 dibanderol starts at U.S. $ 900 (USD 8.1 million), the IdeaPad Y560 starting from U.S. $ 1,200 (USD 10.8 million), IdeaPad Z360 start from U.S. $ 600 (USD 5.4 million), and the IdeaPadZ470 start from U.S. $ 700 (USD 6.7 million).
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