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Background at Google home page

Since it first emerged as a service to search engines, the front page of Google's site is almost no significant change. Shown with the impression of a minimalist white background. Occasionally, its logo replaceable with a unique design based on events that are happening or commonly called Doodle.

But, starting Thursday (06/10/2010) afternoon, the front page of the Google experience major changes. Suddenly there was a full image into a background search site such as a wallpaper on your desktop computer. Even if not out the picture, Google added a sentence in the Web page about the new features follows the link.

Apparently, Google is now allowing visitors to change-change the background display on the front page of its website. To do so click the link "change the background image" and will display a box to arrange it. Visitors can replace the background image on the display instead of the four options, from the pictures stored on their computers, from the list in Picasa's online services, from the public gallery, as well as from Google's editors choice.

However, if you are clicking on the four small dots on the fruit logo goolge the background will disappear and will be back to normal. Also, to be able to change the background on the Google home page, we should already have a Google account first, since we are required to log in using that account.
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