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Apple iPad 3G

Apple iPad has confirmed that 3G cellular connectivity features will be in the U.S. market from 30 April 2010. Consumers who previously had ordered a 3G model, which also includes a WiFi connection will receive a new model of tablet computer on the same day.

iPad oelh 3G has been marketed since 30 April 2010 Apple yesterday, and on his first day sales have been hit until the first week have been sold up to 500,000 units. IPad 3G market demand in the U.S. is most concerned with Apple until the delivery of goods to the U.S. than in other countries, causing delays up to a month.

iPad allows users to watch videos, listen to music, playing games, browsing, and also read e-books. Currently there are more than 185 000 the iPod Touch and iPhone applications that can also be downloaded for the iPad.

iPad the cheapest with a WiFi connection plus 16 GB of memory with a price of 499 dollars per unit. Meanwhile, the iPad 3G with 64 GB of memory with a price of 829 dollars per unit
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