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HP slate release date

HP slate and Apple iPad competition will benefit users. An official video from HP and leak of an inside presentation have unveiled almost all specs and characteristics of HP's projected tablet Slate. HP has announced its plan to roll out a rival tablet to Apple's just-released iPad on the very next day Apple brought its first TV ad during the Super Bowls' live telecast.
HP Slate will come out with a price tag of $549 for its base model of 32GB storage capacity. And a 64GB version will be charged at $599. Meanwhile, Apple's much-hyped April 3 release iPad is charged $499 for a Wi-Fi plus 16GB model.
 The HP Slate will come out with lower-screen resolution and small screen. Apple's iPad will be more better than HP Slate in regards battery life, screen-resolution and screen largeness. At the same time, HP has boasted of its projected device as it will support Flash Player and will carry cameras, two major features that Apple iPad lack. HP Slate will carry two cameras; an inward-VGA camera and an outward 3 megapixel camera. Moreover, the device will support Flash Player, the most widely used online video player.
 HP Slate will also feature a SD card reader and a USB 2.0 port and a SIM card tray to connect the device with Internet through Wi-Fi. Apple iPad features both Wi-Fi and 3G model devices. As far as the size of HP Slate is concerned, it will be marginally slighter than iPad. But, the Slate will carry a smaller screen with low resolution.
 HP tablet will run on Windows 7 Home Premium while Apple iPad will work with iPhone's famous operating system. 
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