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Core i9 goes to 48 Chips

December last year that Intel is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., is preparing for its newest product, ie a chip with 48 processors.
Intel processor with 48 of his preparation aimed at supporting the performance and efficiency of the power for laptops, servers and desktops in the future. Each core is shown Intel, Wednesday (2 / 12) yesterday at the headquarters of Santa Clara, California, completely programmable and able to share full data on-chip high-speed network. Intel's new discovery at once can save energy at 25 watts and 125 watts at most when the chips run with maximum performance.

Researchers from the Intel processor naming them as 'single-chip computer cloud', because its design center organization that represents the data used for cloud-computing environments that offer data storage services on the web. Cloud data centers or equal to 10 thousand computers are physically connected by cable networks to distribute tasks and data that many in parallel. 48-core processor chip is built using 45 nanometer manufacturing process.

While high-speed networks that are connected with the chip could speed up the software to send information between the cores in some microdetik, reduce delays in data access memory chip. The application can also dynamically adjust core which will be given a task, matching the performance and energy needed to complete the task.
Intel believes that the number of processor cores can increase performance. Intel also plans to release 6-core Intel Xeon 2.4GHz Gulftown Westmere ES LGA1366 this in 2010 or known as the Core i9 Gulftown or via eBay, which was built with 32nm process and Westmere microarchitecture-based
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