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Computer of the Future

Along with the development of the age, and LMU knowledge and technology advances so quickly, it is not impossible for humans to enjoy a
variety of increasingly sophisticated services, as well as with computers, NEC Design Ltd.. An institution in Japan offering a new concept that may surprise you, I am very sure that some of the following concept has the potential to change the face of a PC (Personal Computer) in the future.
Pen Computer Model
You must be difficult to trust a computer model of the shape and future of this, may believe and may also not. These are some pictures from the pen computer models

Let us see clearly the function of this pen.

This way you can say "goodbye Laptop"

It's called the P-ISM as described by NEC designers as a "Pen-style Personal Networking Gadget Package" (a little info "Pism on P-ISM" in the Russian language means writing). The prototype model is estimated to worth $ 30,000.
According to NEC Website Design, they explain this concept as:

"P-ISM is a pen computer package that includes five functions namely:

    * Mobile style pen with input data using handwriting
    * Virtual keyboard
    * Small projector
    * Camera Scanned
    * Personal ID password that serves as the identity of the owner

P-ISM is connected to one another with adjacent wireless technology. This model can also be connected to the Internet using mobile phone functions on this P-ISM. This personal gadget minimalist style pen that has a feature amazing Complete.

Initially we thought that model laptop technology "Keyboard and screen" will last long. But we can not deny that the pen and paper is the stationery and symbols that we naturally accept, only a matter of time until someone finds the latest sophisticated products that masquerade as "Smart Pen" or "Smart Paper".
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