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Apple In-Ear Headphones (Remote and Mic)

Apple this time, a Headphone out, or what we often call it a mini speaker that we put our ears to listen to music. In this time apple
products still make products that pride comes with the iPhone, which is equipped with a microphone and a remote for the iPhone course.

mic: function to answer the telephone coming into your iPhone.
remote: the homemade, Apple added a few functions that are actually quite common, namely to control the volume of music that we play and can also make a telephone call.

New experiences
Apple claims that while you listen to music through headphones, then you will feel the sensation of sound that you never listen.

Two drivers
in any part of these headphones, Apple put a woofer and a tweeter that can produce music with a clear voice as it is original.

material used in the headphones is to use one part that can be 'imprisoned' sound produced. So the music sound will be centered on your ear.


The remote and mic are supported only by iPod nano (4th and 5th generation), iPod classic (120GB/160GB), iPod touch (2nd generation), iPhone 3GS, and iPad. The remote is supported by iPod shuffle (3rd generation). Audio is supported by all iPod models.
Requires software version 1.0.3 for iPod nano (4th generation), 2.0.1 for iPod classic (120GB), and 2.2 or later for iPod touch (2nd generation).

Technical Specifications

  1. Frequency response: 5Hz to 21kHz

  2. Impedance (at 100Hz): 23 ohms

  3. Sensitivity (at 100Hz): 109 dB SPL/mW

  4. Drivers: Custom two-way balanced armature (woofer and tweeter in each earpiece)

  5. Cable length: 1065 mm from audio jack to splitter; 330 mm to earpiece

  6. Weight: 0.4 ounce (10.2 grams)

  7. Four-conductor 3.5 mm audio jack
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